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Fortran (September 5, 1973 age 48), also known as GRAND DAD, is an elusive and mysterious man who is roughly similar to Mario in size and appearance. His obsession with money exceeds even that of his son Wario and he often demands that people "PUSH START TO RICH". Aside from this, little is known about him. His stiff posture and broken manner of speaking have led some people to speculate that he is related to Weegee and similar beings. If this is true, then he has yet to be seen using any of their characteristic abilities. Many doubt this, citing the fact that, unlike them, he has interacted with normal people without committing mass murder. It is generally considered more likely that he is simply deformed and/or mildly insane.




  • Being rich
  • Wario (favorite son)
  • The Fleenstones
  • Chad Warden



  • He was married to Ulona (second name unknown)
  • His first son was not Wario.
  • Despite being called Grand Dad, he doesn't have any grand children.
  • He was born as a creation of his dad Giygas.
  • He doesn't know how to make sentences, and the only sentences he said are "PUSH START TO RICH", "Spaalonebabaguscooties", and "Fleenstones".