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"MY LEG!!!"
– Fred Rechid

Fred Rechid

Fred Rechid (born January 17, 1976 age 45) is a fish from Spongebob SquarePants. He always gets his leg hurt every time he appears, and screams, "MY LEG!". He is best friends with chocoholic Tom Smith.


Fred was born in Bikini Bottom and during his childhood he was like Tom Smith's bodyguard. Fred's work is similar to Bill Gates, the reason is because Fred always invents a different and stupid bullshit and he claims to be the master of everything; Squidward says to Spongebob that Fred could have wet dreams with Tom and he could subsequently confessed his envy towards Bob due to his own inability to be with Tom and have sleep over anything that doesn't involve sitting on a jellyfish without money and spend the night there while Fred always have a fight with Spongebob to show him he is Tom's best friend.



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