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"What the fuck do you mean I've got replaced by a gayass bear?"
– Freddy's reaction to Fnaf


Freddy Krueger or the one true scary Freddy is a villain that haunts your dreams. He is known for calling his victims whores and being just plain rude, which pisses of some people. Freddy used to live in Murica, but he was then murdered by parents for molesting their children.


Freddy is very rude, it's unknown if he is also a troll or not. Freddy tends to have fun when on his manslaughter, constantly laughing and making jokes. Deep down, he's absolutely furious and wants revenge on humanity for his death.


Freddy was born in Murica during the 50s. Thirty years later, he became a child molester and started to rape the neighborhood children. This angered their parents, who decided to burn Freddy alive.

After being burned alive, Freddy died and was re-animated in the dream world. He then laid low, plotting his revenge. Ten years later, he finally got his revenge by entering the dreams of the teenagers he molested as children and killed them.


Nightmare On Elm Street 4 Soundtrack - Running From This Nightmare (By Tuesday Knight)

To this day, Freddy is still in the dream world.