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Fredrick T. Nitpit is the world's famous/infamous art critic. He judges Squidward's art creations that were immortal, ugly, hideous, demonic, and related to hell. He judges SpongeBob's birdhouses and it weren't related to art. He only judges art creations that were crafts (including googly eyes that is mostly popular than paintings, sculptures and other art creations). He'd only judges art creations based by individuality, imagination, and creativity. He also wanted googly eyes to be most popular at art. He became Squidward's bane of existence. He worshipped Viacom and Donald Trump. He has a hasty, naive, and contrary personality and also have plausible deniability

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  • He appeared in “The Googly Artiste” in SpongeBob SquarePants


He was finally killed by Squidward Tentacles who was seeking revenge at him. He begged for his life seconds before being silenced by the killer squid.


Fredrick T. Nitpit:

(Lived: Unknown - Present after Squidward killed him)