YouTube Poop- Frying Nemo

Frying Nemo is a Youtube Poop made by EmperorLemon and it is mainly based on the 2003 Disney Pixar movie, Finding Nemo. It was uploaded on October 17, 2014. In this video, Nemo must quickly decide or be the main food for a dentist while Marlin and Dory (who has short-term memory-loss) tries to find him, but almost ate by a giant shark called Bruce.

The video gained popularity on YouTube in a short period, but its views have been few, managing to reach just 1,808,000 and 19,000 likes as of May 2016. However, the video is still being appreciated by the public like a good YTP.

In 2018, the audio of the video got restored. According to Lemon, the audio got muted by a copyright claim for over a year, but hopefully got restored 'cause UMG overwrote the previous copyright claim and then, the audio got restored.


Marlin starts to enjoy the smell of the water and gets trapped under a BP can. Marlin and Coral watch the neighborhood shooting with their guns and look at the Cat in the Hat with their eggs. The barracuda tells them to give them their eggs and Coral dashes to the eggs after they turn into diamonds. Marlin gets knocked unconscious by the barracuda, but is woken up by a man saying "you ain't got time to f*** off, man". Marlin finds out that Coral and the diamond eggs have been eaten and the barracuda ambushes him. Marlin finds one more egg, but the barracuda eats it. The egg starts to turn into a dragon ball and turn into Nemo.

Marlin asks Nemo about his fin, to which Nemo replies "like a fish growing legs". Marlin asks Nemo why he wants to go to school, because it sucks. Bill asks Marlin to tell him a joke and Marlin begins to steal dane cook bit attempting to pass it of as his own. Bob starts to think that Marlin sucks and Marlin tells Nemo to go play with SpongeBob, but Viacom blocks him. Bob abuses Sheldon and reminds him that it's his first time in school. Pearl tells Nemo that her tentacle is a "damn second penis". Nemo tries to pronounce "anemone" to Mr. Ray and they call him "retarded". Bob turns into Brony Con and Marlin calls him a pony boy. Nemo, Tad, Sheldon and Pearl arrive at the drop off and Pearl starts to get diarrhea. Marlin arrives and says "f*** you" to Tad, Sheldon and Pearl and tells them they are lucky he does kill their parents. Nemo says "I hate you" to Marlin, turning him into an emo. Marlin starts st strangle him and throw him to the Titanic, causing it to sink. Nemo decides to touch the boat by s**king Marlin's b***s and as he tries to warn him about the boat, he briefly turns into Hitler. Marlin tells Nemo not to touch, but he (along with Patrick) did it anyway, to which Arthur blows them up after they refused to listen to him. Suddently Bill Nye and some other divers starts to give out "Strobe Lights" to Marlin and kidnap Nemo as he sees his reflection as Obama.

As Marlin tries to find Nemo, he encounters Chuck Noland and Wilson. Marlin and Dory run into each other, causing them to explode. Dory tells Marlin to follow her and then tells him to stop. Dory stares into Marlin's soul and Marlin tells her it isn't funny. Marlin encounters Bruce and he asks them if they would like to get raped, to which Dory replies "that sounds like fun". Marlin, Dory and Bruce arrive at Subway, to which Marlin replies "f*** no!" Bruce, Anchor and Chum begin to say the pledge: "Fish are food, not friends. Fish are fish oil. Shrek is love, Shrek is life". Bruce begins to scream out "I'm having fish tonight!". Dory says that she's high and has hung out with 42 fish. Bruce chomps his jaws at Dory and starts to malfunction. Bruce asks his friends how tough they are, to which Chum replies "I have my fin for breakfast". Marlin tells the sharks that he's a clownfish and tells them a gay clown joke. Marlin finds the "d*** Butt" mask, but didn't want to read it. Bruce pulls out a chainsaw and Marlin hits Dory with an angry bird, causing her nose to bleed. Her blood causes Bruce to get high and try to rape Marlin and Dory. Bruce tries to break down the Asscape door and Marlin tries to tell Dory to read the mask, but Dory says that she hates to read words. Bruce tries to attack them and uses his laser breath to fry them into fish and fries. Bruce throws the missile onto the mine, causing it to explode (along with Wilson and Minecraft). P. Sherman tells Nemo to say hello to his ginger friend.



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