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Funny is the adjective for works of comedy that generate laughter; a diaphragmal spasming that normally comes from cleaning your blade after a homicidal rampage or being a mop headed 13 year old who watches shitty mashups of outdated cartoons. Funny, as even experts of the Ha Ha Factor would agree, is a very complex matter since it doesn't describe fucking anything.

The Banana


Recently, Thaila has smiled upon the world with the image of naked banana forged by the gods themselves. The banana holds his peel aside as if it were clothing and covers his genital region which he, as a banana, doesn't really have. The world was astonished. It has even helped 4chan's /b/ become a friendlier place since YLYL threads now have a challenge; one that can't be overcome.

Things That Are Funny

Gallery of Hilarity (WARNING: may Cause Laughter!)

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