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Future Zamasu.png

The loser mugshot of the loser called

Full Name Supreme Kai Zamasu
Aliases Zamasu
Future Zamasu
The Immortal/Invicible God (Zamasu)
The Supreme ̶A̶s̶s̶ Edgelord No. 1 (in the future)
The Supreme ̶A̶s̶s̶ Edgelord No. 2 (once Black showed up)
Black's boyf...I mean partner
The ̶P̶u̶n̶c̶h̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶B̶a̶g̶ Shield
The Zamasu that looks like Zamasu
Background Information
Status Deceased
Nationality Kai
Occupation Supreme Kai
Alignment Good (formerly)
Appearances Dragon Ball S̶u̶p̶e̶r̶ Z
Sexual Orientation Ga... DON'T SAY IT!!! (Dude, calm down!)
Physical Description
Species Kai
Gender Male
Age Over 10,000 years old (+ 17 years, because of the future timeline)
Hair Color White
Fur Color
Feather Color
Eye Color Grey
Height Well... I know he's taller than Black... so... really tall...
Weight Does it really matter?
Breast Size
Power Level
Friends Goku Black
Bulma (formerly)
Enemies Mortals
Future Trunks (archenemy)
Bulma (don't ask why)
Light Yagami (his knock off)
Dartz (his knock off)
Eren Yeager (his knock off)
Star Butterfly (his knock off)
Viacom (of his reality [don't know about others])
Date Joined

– Future Zamasu's catchphrase

Future Zamasu (also known as Future Zamas in the manga) or just Zamas(u) is the biggest edgelord in the history of lording edges and one of the most evil villains from Dragon Ball Super Z. Much like his present counterpart, Goku Black, he is an asshole and the Supreme AssEdgelord of the universe.


Future Zamasu was just another angsty loser Supreme Kai apprentice from the future, doing whatever an angsty loser Future Supreme Kai apprentice does (Wait, what do the angsty loser Supreme Kai apprentices do in the future? Probably something futuristic, I dunno. Also, why did I start to ramble at the beginning of the dude's background information all of a sudden? Answers! Where are the answers? I need them ASAP! You, reading this page! Yeah, you! Give me an answer right now!). However, everything changed when The Fire Nation Attacked Goku showed up and killed his master (I forgot his name, but it doesn't matter... he was a useless character in the show to begin with). Goku then revealed to the confused Kai that he isn't Goku, but his alternate self from 17 years ago. He told him that he came to the future to kill all mortal life, but he needed "special" help. Future Zamasu said OK and the two began their love story conquest of justice, but not before cutting Future Gowasu (Hey, I finally remembered the old dude's name!) up and shipping him off to future Murica. After that, they collected the Super-Duper Dragon Balls and wished for immortality for the Future Kai. Once they made that wish, they (You guessed it!) destroyed the wish granting orbs (Smart villains, am I right?) and then proceeded to kill everyone as an official couple. In spite of accomplishing their goal, they ultimately lost (See pathetic Trivia below). He was later brought back to life, only to be destroyed again.


  • Immortality - the ability granted by the Dragon Balls to live forever (Basically, the opposite of DIE!!!).
  • God Split Cut - a technique similar to Black's Godly Slicer of Death.
  • Heavenly Arrow - a variation of the God Split Cut where the blade can be fired as a blast at long-range.
  • God Splitter - a technique similar (Wow, a lot of similarities to Black!) to Black's Black Power Ball.

Transformations and Fusions

Fused Zamasu

Aside from the "make 'em up" ones in the video games (because that's what they are - "make 'em ups" ), he doesn't have any other forms. But if he fuses with Goku Black, he will become Fused Zamasu (also called Merged Zamasu in the anime or God Zamas in the manga). He has white hair because the designer didn't want him to have pink hair (like Black's hair). He is uber powerful than Goku and Vegeta and the same strength as Vegito. There is also that one form in the manga where Future Zamasu mutates into Fused Zamasu, but that's some grade A nonsense on Toyotarou's part.

Likes And Dislikes (a.k.a. The reasons why he became The Supreme AssEdgelord No.2)


  • Himself/His past|present friend/Other assholes like him (because he's an asshole)
  • Destroying cities and killing ningen
  • Controlling the universe
  • Warping to other universes and timelines
  • Being a Megalomaniac
  • Making and drinking tea (Future Plankton tried to get the secret formula to it, but he ended up being burned to a crisp.)
  • Subarashii!
  • Bulma


  • Ningen
    • Mortals (See humans first.)
      • Humans (At first, he didn't hate them that much. But then Black showed him A Serbian Film [see below].)
  • Not being a Megalomaniac
  • Future Trunks (archenemy, even though he acts like a crybaby sometimes)
  • Goku
  • Vegeta
  • Bulma
  • Light Yagami (knock-off)
  • Dartz (knock-off)
  • Eren Yeager (knock-off)
  • Star Butterfly (knock-off)
  • This faggot
  • A Serbian Film (One of, if not the main reason, why mortals MUST DIE!!!)
  • Viacom from his timeline (There's no need for this vile organization in his world.)


  • Future Zamasu and Goku Black are the first main villains in Dragon Ball to actually win in the end.
    • However, some random kid with god powers (Don't know if he's one of the Gods of YTP, unfortunately.) showed up and erased them in the franchise's most convoluted moment ever.
    • After that fuster-cluck, Future Zamasu was revived as part of Fused Zamasu, but only because his other self was more popular than him. And before you ask, yes! He's still a loser.
    • It is unknown if he was brought back as a separate being like Black, but it wouldn't be a tragedy if he weren't (because, he's STILL a loser).
  • Despite their actions, Zamasu and Black are by far (I'm saying that because Toei and Shueisha want MOAR! money.) the most useful Kais in the show, considering these gods have been incompetent ever since their introduction in the Majin Buu arc.
  • It is possible that he also made tea out of his secret sauce for his master, which would explain why Future Plankton wanted the secret formula for Zamasu's tea so bad (It didn't work out in the end).
  • Zamasu and Black secretly make out in bed.
  • Also, check out his counterpart's category page.