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G-Major (see gallery page) is an advanced Poopism where a clip of audio is changed to match the pitch with the notes of a G-major guitar chord (as summarized by Gallers). The result is a distorted and often scary sounding piece of audio, usually to accompany a color-inverted or tinted video. This is considered the demonic effect. Expect to see a lot of unfunny Giygas, Satan and demonic jokes. It is sometimes known simply as the original video title replaced by "Scary [X]" or "Demonic [X]". For example, Rick Roll in G-Major, which started the "Scary" fad, can be found as Scaryroll. Many songs, sources, TV shows, movies, video games, logo animations and memes can be found in G-Major.


Few editing software allow for G-Major usage, so it is a less common effect to find. They are usually made with Audacity, although Sony Vegas can also distort sound.

Audacity (download here)/Soundtrap


All Hotel Mario Cutscenes In G Major

Example of a basic G Major video, made using Audacity.

In Audacity, it is easy.

  • Duplicate the audio 6 times.
  • 1st Audio - G to G set the percentage to -50 (-12 semitones)
  • 2nd Audio - G to D (-5 semitones)
  • 3rd Audio - remains the same.
  • 4th Audio - G to B (+4 semitones)
  • 5th Audio - G to D (+7 semitones)
  • 6th Audio - G to G set the percentage to +100 (+12 semitones)

Sony Vegas (download here)


Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball G-Major

Example of a Demonic G-Major video.

For G-Major in Sony Vegas, click on Ignore event grouping, duplicate the audio into 4 by making 4 audio tracks, select each audio track and adjust the pitch to a different level for each track by pressing the plus and minus keys.

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