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Gamelon's flag

Gamelon is a province of North Korea, recently annexed in the Hylian Conquests, a war between Ganon and King Harkinian that ended up with Hyrule annexing Gamelon as well as the island of Koridai. However, it was soon sold to North Korea until and gained its independence after a revolt after the North Korean War but soon rejoined the country after a leak revealed Hyrule planned on invading Gamelon. The national language is Gamelonian.


A map of Gamelon

Beginning of Civilization

Gamelon was first inhabited by various tribes of people who warred until Gamelonian Unification in 1098. It established a monarchy soon after.

Height of Civilization

Gamelon enjoyed huge conquests spanning large areas of what is now Hyrule, but when Hyrule was established the territory was swiftly taken and Gamelon was left without its overseas possessions.

Hyrule Takeover

The end of Gamelon had one harbinger, Duke Onkled. The Duke sided with Ganon for money and gave his land to Ganon, replacing his base of operations, Koridai, which was liberated by Link. Zelda liberated Gamelon and Gamelon was annexed into Hyrule. Duke Onkled was brought to justice and became a castle slave, scrubbing all the floors in Hyrule.

North Korea Purchase

In 1370, the Gamelon became a waste of money and resources to the Hyrulian government. The King then decided to sell it to another nation. Many nations bid for it, including Koridai, Murica, and North Korea. In the end, North Korea got the land for 1.5e53000 rupees.

The September Revolt

the September Revolt was the call to rise up against North Korea while it was in its weakest state and regain Gamelonian independence. It started when a large group of opposers rallied at city square at the capital of Gamelon, many were armed. At 11:54 AM, the protesters were pinned down by gunfire and thus the violent clashes began. Lasting only four days, the rebellion was defeated but the war for independence began. After months of violent fighting, the Gamelonians won.

Return to North Korea

Hyrule Invasion Plan Leaks

Shortly after Gamelon's independence, a plan by Hyrule to invade Gamelon was publicly leaked. This caused a public panic and Gamelon asked the international community to help—North Korea was the only nation to respond. Soon Gamelon passed the Gamelon Protection Act that officially allowed North Korean troops in Gamelon to protect it. Not that long after, anarchists in Gamelon ignited violence in opposition the Act and soon martial law was declared. After two months of martial law, civil unrest halted and Gamelon officially passed to Korea Amendment to its Constitution which officially made it part of North Korea, once again.

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