King Harkinian is said to speak fluent Gamelonian

The Gamelonian Language is spoken in Gamelon. It said to be the hardest language for English people to learn, mostly because almost every word sounds like an English word but means something completely different.


Gamelonian was first seen in 404 AD, in a fable called "The Triforce of Wisdom" (English: Our accent to war). The book has yet to be translated to English, because Wumbo University is the only one who took the challenge, but even they have only translated two pages.

Gamelonian was spoken in part of Gamelon and Hyrule until the Dinner Wars in the 1700s, where Hylian became the standard language. However, Gamelonian is returning to the public use, and 70% of Gamelonians speak it.


There is probably no other language working with the randomness as lingual element worldwide, but Gamelonian does. It's pretty rare that words are in a serious coherence with the described thing, and in this rare case the word's relation to the object is extra strong. Along with this, every Gamelonian letter except "r" sounds completely different than the English letter. In Gamelonian, Super Duper Super Man "bad" is pronounced "wiztr niztr wiztr mv".

Thus, it is practically impossible to translate a Gamelonian word without being a native speaker or having gotten a description by a speaker. That is also the reason why the job as Gamelonian interpreter counts as one of the difficult careers being possible.


"It is written, my boi, you must scrub scrub scrub all the floors in Hyrule, until con the Triforce of Wisdom, to defeat Ganon."
– The Gamelonian war declaration against Hyrule,  language: Gamelonian
"It is Written, that Weegee."
(I love you),  language: Gamelonian


  • Gamelonian has been suggested to be related to the Spadinner language, and some linguists have classified Spadinner as a dialect of Gamelonian.
  • Gamelonian is a real language! Here!
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