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Mutant Humanoid (French)



Gaston Raheal Axel LeGume (born January 28, 1757) is the true hero of Beauty and the Beast and the winner of the No-Belle Prize. He is the purest example of everything that is man and then some, debatably being a god. He is a living cure for the weeaboo virus and a world famous furry hunter.

His most hated enemies are The Beast and Suiseiseki as they are polar opposites of him. He also defeated Boris Johnson and ended his lockdowns.

Powers And Abilities

Even he can't resist himself.

Gaston is capable of doing virtually everything dreamable and do better than anyone else could. Most notably, he can easily win the attention of any woman or man of any species. With strength that surpasses that of Chuck Norris and Captain Falcon combined and a deep thundering voice that rattles the world, this is a daily chore. He is also completely immune to desu and can instantly cure another from it.


At birth, Gaston fought his way out of his mother and cut the umbilical cord himself, the doctors were shocked to see that the baby already had thick and full body hair and a fully developed face. Within days, all of his fat converted to muscle and his lungs were filled with thunder. This was the result of eating three dozen eggs a day and developing a big appetite from this, it grew to four as lad and to five as the unstoppable titan he is today.

As a teen, Gaston decided to forgo most education and focused mostly on hunting, furniture crafting, and home improvement. That's when he met Belle, the "most beautiful girl in town" whom he vowed to take as his wife. He would always be followed around by a midget named Lefou who befriended and helped Gaston in his quest to claim his well deserved trophy, he fought in the Revolutionary War, from April 19, 1775 to September 3, 1783 and suffered from ptsd during the war, and was never cured.

The last thing his foes ever see.

In 1786, he somehow met his match after a fight with The Beast on top of a castle, Gaston fell to his death as the consequence of some foul play. His mortal self was temporarily destroyed until he was sent back to Earth with a mission to destroy all furries. Very few know about Gaston's return, only Lefou and his drinking buddies have seen him since his return. He now stays in the tavern all day, drinking beer, gorging on Taco-Bell, watching Lucky Star. It is believed that he is preparing for a rematch against the Beast, which in his current condition, he will probably lose.


There are times when even Gaston just can't get up from his chair. He will stare into the fireplace and drown his sorrows in beer (only to sometimes throw it in the fire). These depressions always occur when Gaston is rejected. These are usually lifted after some fun and songs at the tavern, except for a case with Konata Izumi in which he was forced to take medication after attempting suicide.

Full Biography


In 2009, Gaston was playing his X-Box when Maurice burst in and began demanding that they help him with erectile dysfunction. Gaston and his friends responded by putting him in a rocket and launching him away. Gaston and Lefou then took a trip to Six Flags. When they got back, Gaston was yearning for Taco Bell so he decided to send Maurice to a genius convention if his daughter Belle did not agree to cook him Tacos. His plan was foiled when Belle showed Gaston and the crowd a video of a "Gaston Musical" written by Maurice, proving that Maurice was insane. In a fit of rage, Gaston threw a torch into a pile of explosives, launching him all the way through Space and into the Beast's castle. Gaston searched the castle for the Beast and when he found him he shot him twice and beat him before the Beast fought back and defeated him. Gaston begged for the Beast to "let him go," so the Beast did just that and dropped him off the tower to his supposed death. However, Gaston survived the fall and flashed his chest hair to Belle. ((YTP) Gaston's Ultimate Mission to Obtain Some Taco Bell (Waxonator Reupload) - YouTube)

Gaston also began suffering from constipation, but he was cured after drinking laxatives. (YouTube Poop: Gaston Gets Constipated - YouTube)


Some time later, Gaston had successfully obtained his Taco Bell, but like all the other residents of Mobius he was suffering under the King's severe taxes. He soon realized that other people shared his views, so he rallied an army, including Merlin, Frollo and PSY to start the great rebellion. His army later overthrowed King Harkinian and Mobius became a democracy. (YTP Gaston is Fed Up With the Kings Tax Policies (reupload from WAXONATOR) - YouTube)


In 2017, Gaston developed an interest in the video game "Monster Hunting." Gaston tried to woo Belle again but was turned down. While sulking, the townspeople began singing about how thicc he was. He rallied a mob, then transformed into superman in order to steal the Beast's chicken wings. The Beast defeated him and threw him into the ravine once again, which was lucky because he survived the nuclear war that followed. ([YTP] - Belle and Gaston Eats the Beast's Chicken Wings - YouTube)

Living off of a steady diet of chicken wings and 72 raw eggs per day, Gaston's body began to painfully mutate and expand. The transformation caused him to groan in pain, as he literally became the size of a barge. (gaston groans in pain as he ascends to barge size - Youtube)


In May of 2020, Gaston was diagnosed with brain cancer (possible due to the exposure to the radiation from the nuclear war three years prior), and he began going insane. He held his own funeral, and tried to get pity sex out of Belle but was turned down. All the townspeople cheered him up by singing his song. ([YTP] Gaston has Cancer - YouTube)

By June of 2020, Gaston had beaten his cancer and was hosting the Academy Awards. Before he could begin, Belle showed the whole crowd a video of Gaston's sexist remarks from the 1990's, which caused the crowd to turn on him and he was fired from hosting. Later, while sulking over it, Lefou reminded him that he was still everyone's favorite meme, and the two snorted crack for the rest of the night. Gaston plotted revenge on Belle by canceling her father for his previous racist rants about minorities. He almost succeeded, but Belle foiled his plan by revealing the Beast's more controversial rants about Cancel Culture, as well as his hatred of Welsh people. This turned the crowd's attention from Maurice to the Beast. Gaston harnessed the crowd's anger and led them to cancel the Beast. Gaston found the Beast and, reminded of Naruto's confidence in him, shot the beast and pushed him out the window. When Gaston jumped out the window, he fell off into the ravine yet again, but this time landed on a trampoline that launched him back up to the castle where the Beast caught him. Gaston begged for mercy, and this time the Beast granted it and told him that he was Batman. (YTP: Gaston Gets Cancelled - YouTube)

In July, Gaston had joined Team 12 in order to defeat Assef. He survived the mission and later celebrated at Paddy's Pub.

By November 2020, Gaston was growing sick of the Covid Lockdowns, and was going insane to the point that he had stopped wearing pants. He tried to seduce Belle, who pointed out that he was suffering from all the symptoms of Covid. After being turned down, he revealed to the town her father had Covid in order to get him taken to the hospital, and he offered to clear up the misunderstanding if she let him marry one of her sheep. She initially turned him down, but then brought out a sheep which Gaston proceeded to have sex with. He then declared that the people must end the lockdown by killing Boris Johnson. He rallied the people to burn their masks and defy lockdown orders. Gaston later assassinated Boris John by shooting him in the head with an arrow. ([YTP] Gaston Hates Being in Lockdown - YouTube)


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