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General Reginald Skarr is a "one-eyed-freak" as Billy (his neighbor) calls him and a retired general. He originally was from the show Evil Con Carne. When that show was canceled, He retired from evil, and moved to Endsville, where he currently lives. Skarr is amazing with a sword and extremely fast, despite his age. He's the main villain in the Youtube Poop: Never try to be Mama Luigi, where he disguised himself as Santa.


  • Gardening
  • Pidgeons
  • World Domination
  • Taking Over nations
  • Galatic Empire
  • The Cabal
  • The Fallen



  • Skarr has a giant robot that attacked the Dimension Warriors during Book:War of the Squads 4: The New Age chapter 2.
  • Skarr is the favorite character of ElderPrinceShroob to use in the Billy and Mandy video game. To unlock him, you must beat the 6th mission in the 4th tier in Mission Mode.
  • He crisps quite nicely.