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Genital Krabs
Genital Krabz.png

Full Name:

Genital Fuckhard Krabs






Drug dealer


Undead Sea Creature, Krabs (formerly)




  • Yeti Krabs
  • King Krabs
  • Princess Pearl
  • William Krabs
  • Prehistoric Krabs

Genital Krabs is the creepiest version of Mr. Krabs. He is now a zombie Krab because of a failed experiment with his corpse in order to bring him back from death.


Genital Krabs in all his glory.

Genital Krabs was born as a pedophile motherfucker shit who molested little kids and his employees as well for selfish and stupid reasons and personal shitting entertainment. He first appeared on the YTP Shitward Dies made by BarackObamalikesPoop in which he gets butt raped by SpingeBill after Patrick was stuck up Krab's butt. Later, he poisons Shitward who dies afterwards much to Krabs and SpingeBill's horror. He then fell into drugs along with SpingeBill and both hijacked a car starting a police pursuit. At the end, SpingeBill chooses death rather than be arrested and both meet their ends when falling off to a police car, collapsing with each car and exploding in the process.


After the incident, Genital Krabs' corpse was never found, it is revealed that he was brought to life by Wampa Krabs in a illegal secret laboratory in the Rusty Krap. Wampa experimented with his brother's corpse to make him live once more. However, during his lunchtime he left the microwave on and it burned down Wampa's laboratory along with Genital's remains. Wampa found out that Genital Krabs' corpse vanished but then behind him he was standing like a zombie Genital Krabs who only demanded to a scared shitless Wampa to suck his erect dick, much to Wampa's pleasure.