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Giovanni, the buffet of manliness, is the leader of Team Rocket and the mack daddy of Kanto. This suave gentleman wishes to conquer the world and he's damn well going to do that. A group of homeless children are unable to handle his radiant awesomeness and are trying to put a stop to it. Good luck with that, kids.


He was born in the boot (Italy) as a child he was very bad, Gionvanni stole the sandwich of the children and beat them up everytime. In his early days in the mafia, Giovanni traveled to North Korea alongside other famous Italians as Toni the fat, Berlusconi, Mussolini and Espaghetini, Berlusconi was the worst. His relationship with his brother Bill is little known. Giovanni then, founded his own mafia, to kill Berlusconi, at a beginning it had no name, but as always they took back what better to call it Team Rocket/rocket, currently he is always on vacation 372 days to the Italian calendar of holidays in Benidorm

Personal life


Fap to it.

Typical day in the life of Big G

If you think being Giovanni for one day will be all fun and games, think again. Imagine you wake up in the morning and find out your idiot henchmen have caused millions of dollars worth of damage to a theme park you opened, and then they just came back wanting some of your mighty Italian man juices. You'd be pretty pissed, huh? thankfully, Big G's only problem is his inability to give a fuck about anything.