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Goofy is one of Mickey's best friends and also the most retarded friend ever.  However, the so-called mental instability of a friend could not be further from the truth, for he is actually Pluto's dopeier mutant brother to be exact.. wait a sec.. Yeah he's retarded!  But anyways, he was a the first Disney Toon/ Animal hybrid experiment from Doctor Robotnik's pre-roboticist days.

He is a part of The Mickey Gang


When he was a lad, he was the victim of such parental abuse by his adoptive monkey parents, he decided to leave Toon Town for over 9000 years to team up with Doctor Robotnik to help catch Sonic and Tails.  He then took a few driving lessons with Dan Backslide in a stolen runabout in where he committed 3rd degree manslaughter against seven different pedestrians, until he was stopped by the Dover Lover Boys, where he lept into a pool of Luigi's Spaghetti to escape.


Goofy Yell!

After some time, he took Robotnik's time machine to Paris, where he partook in the Festival of Fools.  He ran off with over five million US dollars in useless crap into the time machine, where he sold it all for crack.

Death and Resurrection

Goofy died during the events of Kingdom Hearts II by getting hit on the head with a rock while protecting Mickey Mouse. He was resurrected by the Pingas and retains no memories of his former life.


Goofy's Holler REVERSED

Goofy's orgasm



  • The Rowdyruff Boys (especially the blue one)
  • Porky Pig
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