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Gravity Falls is a city in the United States where the only thing weirder then the city itself is the people. It has a population of 3000 people.

A possible theory why it's so weird is because the air is poluted with weed smoke. There lives Mable and Dipper Pines and Grunkle Stan, as well as Bill Cipher and Gideon.

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Gravity Falls was founded in 1893, then called Gravy Falls, due to the nearby gravy rapids. Due to a typo in the Town Welcome sign, and the lazyness of the mayor, they kept the name.

In 1901, the town was blown up by a nuke from the future, but a small band of survivors rebuilt the town. A week later, all but the mayor died from cancer (from the radiation). Also coming from the radiation, was giant Mosquitos, who later slaughtered thousands of Koridians in the YTP: Hyrule vs. The Giant Mosqitoes.

Then the Mayor, being the great scammer he is, advertised the ghost town in order to get new people to rule over. That is how the city is today.

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