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Someone's Groosin' for a bruisin'

Groose is the true hero of Skyward Sword. He is a suave pompadoured hunk of a man that should not be tangled with. Like those who believe that Midna is superior to Navi, people who compare Groose to that abominable excuse of an existence, Link, are horribly misinformed.

Legend of Groose: Skyward Hair

You tell him.

In the upcoming sequel to Skyward Sword, Groose will once again take the starring role. Like before, the plot will focus mostly on him as he is now the King of Hyrule looking for a new area to call Grooseland. Link will not appear in this game due to the poor reception of his character in SS and Ganon will be slapped on at the end like always.

Groose's weapons willl include the Groosinator and his his own do. At some point, he will acquire the Comb of Time with which he can play songs by combing his hair.


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