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Full Name Oppan Gwonam Style
Background Information
Status Alive
Nationality Saudi Arabian
Alignment Good
Sexual Orientation straight
Physical Description
Species Elf/Human
Gender Male
Age 82
Hair Color
Fur Color Gray
Feather Color
Eye Color Green
Breast Size
Power Level
Friends link

King Harkinian zelda

Enemies King Harkinian (when he's being an a**)
Date Joined

Gownam's cousin

Gwonam, full name Oppan Gwonam Style (born April 12, 1939; age 82) is an old Saudi Arabian wizard who assisted Link on his journey to defeat Ganon. He is wise and knowledgeable; however, he sometimes displays a snarky attitude. As an aid to the king, he acts as an adviser to ensure that Harkinian doesn't make any regrettable decisions. He is very rich and famous throughout his life, despite his downfalls and slumps. He also really loves The Birds and thinks they are very beautiful. To this day all you have to do is Google his name to bring up poops and other things relating to him [1].


Gwonam in the 80's, without his turban.

Later life

Gwonam was killed in a zoo in Saudi Arabia on April 12, 1939 to be revived by a stupid, snooty, crazy, weak, wimpy, nerdy, retarded, playful and immature monkey and an elephant. He never knew his biological parents. In 1945, during World War II, he was shipped to India when Saudi Arabia was attacked in the war. He was adopted by a millionaire couple when he was 14 years old in 1953, and he moved to Los Angeles in USA with his new parents, who were from there.

Business and Education

Gwonam attended the Squadala University in 1960. There, he met his future nemesis, Ganon. He graduated as a businessman/entrepreneur with a minor in ornithology (study of birds) in 1965. He opened a pizzeria in 1967, but due to the pizzeria being destroyed by bombers, the restaurant was shut down. Shortly after, Gwonam moved to Hyrule and got a job and citizenship at Hyrule Castle where he opened another restaurant called Squadala Burger. It only serves burgers. Business at the restaurant is very slow, and it is a very difficult challenge for Gwonam to keep it open. He doubles as an informant for King Harkinian. He also had a short-lived acting career in the 80's, including an appearance in an episode of He-Man as a special guest star.

Musical career


Gwonam's Fun House (250 subscriber special)

Pink's Fun House by Gwonam

With his roommate, Ganon, he formed a musical group simply called Gwonam and Ganon. In 1967, the release of their first album, DIE was an instant money maker, despite it doing poorly with critics. In 1970, a Christmas themed album was released. It did not do as well as its predecessor, and their came to a bitter end due to argument between the two in which Ganon burned off Gwonam's beard. He is currently singing solo, including some songs including: "Live and let Dai", "Squada-F***ing La", and "Pit-ha".

Personal life

There have been (now debunked) rumors of Gwonam's association with Al Qaeda.

He married Aamanee Mayeda Style in 1966 who died in 1970 after a horrid acid attack. His three sons, Gwonam Jr, Gnowman, and Manowg have all grown up. While he keeps in touch with Gnowman on Facebook, he has lost all contact with the other two.

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