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Hades in all his glory.

Hades is one of the main antagonists in God of War and the asshole supreme leader of the Hell until the "incident". Hades used to torture all people in YTP World and make their lives miserable just because he wanted to. Don't be confused by his idiotic disney counterpart.


A fight between parents and uncles against children and meddlers waiting for favors of Zeus where there was blood, death, tears, traps, bumps, bruising, broken nails, brats and everything that is seen in an average family. This conflict make Hades angry, so Hades broke a very nice family (because he was tired of the same shit everyday) in order to won the children, and decided to keep the universe and send shit to Cronos' parents and uncles, where the Titans used to live on. Thus The God of heaven was Zeus because he won them in a duel in Yu-gi-oh cards!, the sea was Poseidon because he beat Hades in rock scissors paper, and the underworld, was conquered by the same Hades (Underworld), a beautiful place where you can act well beacause Demons will never let you go from there. And you will be lucky to meet Hades because Hell is a place with low light and a fog that removes constantly bad smell (shit), with several sections and recreational parks, rivers, lagoons, boatmen, as Venice Sun that rivers of blood, rude boatmen, monsters, etc.