Harlequin in his younger years.

Harlequin is a servant of Ganon. He is a pushover and even deflates when killed, however he makes great jokes and can go into Ghost Mode, where he can't be seen. He has a knife that he uses in combat too, most effectively in Ghost Mode.


Harlequin was born to a family of intelligent pigs created by King Harkinian for scientific purposes (and Dinner). After his parents were the King's dinner, he left Hyrule for a while. during this time, he was on the street telling jokes, which was his natural talent. He eventually did stand-up comedy and got a fair amount of money for his priceless jokes. After he turned 18, he founded and was the first proprietor and owner of a pub called The Idle Hour Club, where he would play the accordion and do stand-up comedy. His jokes were funny and loved by all and inspired him to become a harlequin.


Harlequin loved the business of humorous entertainment so much he changed his name to Harlequin. His original name was Arthur Pigworth Jr., after his father. When he turned 30, he decided to be a servant of Ganon so he could get revenge on King Harkinian for eating his parents. He left the pub to a friend (name unknown) and became Ganon's chief spy. He was enchanted by Ganon and gained the power of Ghost Mode which he uses to spy on the King and friends since the beginning of Link's liberation of Koridai, which he tried and failed to stop.


1. Harlequin can hypnotize anyone with the hearts on his suit (secretly hypnotic devices) and they will serve him. This was one of his more important claims to fame alongside Ghost Mode, until Militron was assembled and Lupay joined Ganon. They also had the power to hypnotize, and they turned their victims into powerful soldiers too. Lupay turned people into armored bulldogs and Militron turned people into Armos soldiers, who are still used today by Evil Dinner when he invades Hyrule under the guise of Ganon.

2. Harlequin visits the Idle Hour Club every month. It isn't doing as well now since it's next to Ganon's Pub, which gets MUCH more business.