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Harold Berman is an epicly retarded character from Hey Arnold!. Is the evil twin of Arnold created in a secret laboratory of the Sesame Street Gang.


Harold enjoys yelling, eating, burping, and farting, just like an average three year old. Harold's grades are all Fs. Harold's IQ is 47. Harold's biggest fear is his food eating him. Harold is afraid of many other things as well. Harold's fears include yodeling, the mail man, the Mormons, books, anything that is more intelligent than him, Italian plumbers with moustaches, abnormally blue hedgehogs, Dr. Robotnik's pingas, and old people. Harold almost died once in a semi fatal sugar coma that came from him eating ninety four apple pies. His family prayed he would die but unfortunately he surivived. Harold has a crush on himself but he is too nervous to ask himself out on a date. He watches himself sleep. Harold's main hobbies include beating up nerds, laughing at poop jokes, hiding from the Mormons, and insulting his teacher. Harold was once mistaken for a Goomba due to this oddly shaped head and his retarded expression. Harold secretly wants to eat I.M. Mean for breakfast. Harold is the son of Lefou, hence both of their Goomba-like image.


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