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95 (at time of latest death)




Deceased (recently resurrected)

Hectan was a blue-haired wizard who served Ganon during the Princess Zelda's adventure in Gamelon. He was the fifth boss in the game and the most shameful as well.


Hectan was born in the old streets of Gamelon where he was abandoned by his family for stinking very much and attract many flies and then a time later he was adopted by Ganon and he brought him to his lair to train him until death. During Ganon's occupation of Gamelon, he put Fari in chains and took him to Dodomai Palace. He later fought Zelda, which ended with his first death. He eventually returned to life, presumably with Ganon's help, and was killed many other times after that. His most recent death occurred at the hands of Militron, and so far he has stayed dead this time. After all, no one cared about him. He was resurrected by queen ontlet

Powers and Abilities

He had the ability to teleport across short distances and to fire deadly energy pulses from his hands. In spite of these skills, he was rather useless in actual combat, as he had an inconvenient tendency to disintegrate if anything touched his beard.