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Hector Cortez
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Date Joined 2007

Hector Cortez - formerly known as Kortez3000, SantaWithTeeth, and SantaWithGuns - was a YouTube pooper known for his edits of Spongebob and Barney episodes, and occasionally commercials, Bill O'Reilly, and Sesame Street. He is also known for his frequent use of G-Major, and using disturbing, uncanny imagery of the characters, and in turn he popularized the Moar Krabs meme.

Because of Viacom's frequent interventions in his heyday (to having his account banned), his current account sits as a husk for his old YouTube poops. Other YouTubers have also reuploaded some of his lost work, some of which have gotten country-restricted by Viacom.

His old reuploaded farewell to youtube video:

His channel nowadays:

Channel Description: So the story of this Krusty Krab is the story of one Krusty Krab. No, the thing is that I once made videos about shit that always got copyrighted even though it was all fair use and I made no money off of it. But then people started trolling and took just about everything down and Youtube allowed it. So I got deleted, then I made a new one, and it was deleted. Then I made a new one, and it was deleted. I got my final strike again on content that is under fair use by law so I knew what was coming and committed account suicide.

This is what remains, there are other people that reuploaded my old vids. Some have been deleted too, what a surprise! I should have learned that only fake prank videos and make up tutorials are allowed here.

Examples of his work

  • Barney Eats Little Children's Biscuits
  • A Shocking Exposé on Krabby Patties
  • Mr. Krustacean and Squid-Person's Plan to Kill Spingebill
  • Mr. Krustacean Defines Saliva
  • Patchy Bakes Potty For Christmas
  • Salami Street
  • Sit On You!
  • Spingebill BoxPants Acid Trip
  • Sax Fligs
  • Cookie Monster Eats Little Children
  • Squid-Person Plays Unreal Tournament
  • What Does That Mean? (A Bill O'Reilly Poop)
  • Do It Live!
  • This Town Isn't Quite Extensive Enough For the Two Of Us
  • Squid-Person Eats Garbage and Blows Up For No Reason
  • Flounder The Flatts Does Something
  • SpengeBab Has A Gaytastic Day
  • Japanese Cockroach Repellent For The Cockroach Removal Of Cockroaches
  • Bubble Bass Likes a Mean Krabby Patty
  • The Unappetizing Serving Of Ground Beef

  • The $linging Brown $lasher of Hash