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Henry's stick form (up) and his profile picture (down)

Henry Stickmin
Full Name Henry Stickmin (2010-onwards)
Aliases Adam Suave (1991-2009)

Nameless (2009-2010), referred as “The Runaway”

Background Information
Status Determinant
Occupation Criminal, Soldier, or Civilian
Alignment Good
Sexual Orientation
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 29
Hair Color Brown
Fur Color
Feather Color
Eye Color Gray
Height 183 cm / 6 ft
Weight 50 kg / 110 lbs
Breast Size
Power Level
Family Terrence Suave (Father), Harriet Suave (Mother), Randy Radman (Uncle), Unknown 1st Wife, Ellie Rose (2nd Wife), Ellry Rosemin (Fusion with Ellie Rose), Richard “Richy” Stickmin (Son)
Date Joined

Henry Stickmin is a (usual) stick figure that has the ability to distract you from doing anything. He also has his female counterpart, named Helen Stickmin.

Physical Appearance

Usually, Henry Stickmin is just a stick figure model. His shoe color is brown.

As a full-body character, however, Henry’s appearance is more complex. That way, he has gray eyes. Casually, Henry wears a black turtleneck T-shirt, gray slacks, and brown tennis shoes. If he became a new leader of the Toppats, Henry wears a black suit with white dress shirt and a blue tie and brown dress shoes, accompanied by a black top hat with golden dollar chain around it. If he simply just join the Toppats, Henry's suit color is navy and his tie is black instead, and he wears a navy hat with a golden H on it.

If Henry gets cyberkinetic augmentations from Dr. Vinschpinsilstien, he has a metallic torso and left arm. The top part and left sleeve of his shirt are torn off to allow full control of his augmentations.

Ability/Distraction Dance

Distraction dance henry stickmin.gif

His distraction dance can distract everyone from doing anything. U JUST GOT DISTRACTED.

Henry is selectively mute, and he knows sign language.

Also, he is aided by his luck.

Henry owns his blue scooter, which was given to him from his father, Terrance Suave, on his 10th birthday.


Henry was born in October 28, 1991 to Terrance Suave, who was a Toppat member at the time, and Harriet Suave under his original name. Adam Suave. When Terrence, later the leader of the Toppat Clan since 1999, got overthrown in 2008 by Reginald Copperbottom for being one of the worst leaders ever, things went south for Adam. Eventually, in September of 2009, Adam later ran away with his scooter from the Toppat Clan. Afterwards, he began a new life when he found who is now his 1st spouse in 2010. He was nameless at the time since he no longer referred to himself as Adam Suave since he ran away from the Toppat Clan, only referred as “The Runaway.” Later that year, he later got his current name, Henry Stickmin, named after his wife’s father named “Henry” and his stick figure drawings the former drew while on a runaway.

In the Feburary of 2019, Henry tried several times to break into the bank, only to end up getting arrested. Over a month had passed since he was imprisoned at West Mesa Penitentiary. Henry eventually escaped afterwards.

Now, it was September. Despite being a free man, Henry had been left in financial turmoil due to his increasing bills, resulting in his family (Henry, his wife, and his son, Richard “Richy” Stickmin, living in a run-down apartment. He later found out that the Tunisian Diamond exhibit opened. Excited, Henry decided and stole the diamond, which was worth $112 million. After that, he earned enough money to move to a new upscale house near New York and enjoyed a better life there, while investing his spare money to make even more money. Henry’s spouse and Richy, however, decided to stay in the old apartment.

Later that month, Henry heard the doorbell. He opened the door to find a man saying that he is giving out cookies. Turned out, that man is Charles, who is one of the military members. He lured Henry to his trap by pretending to be a cookie giver and hitting him with a taser stick (therefore, passing Henry out).

Henry later woke up, only to find himself in the military helicopter. The soldiers told him that that his skills from breaking banks, attempts of robbery, and escaping prison can be useful for taking down a group of thieves known as the Toppat Clan. They ordered him to infiltrate an airship, where most of the Toppat members are. What’s gonna happen next. It’s YOUR choice. Maybe, Henry would end up bringing evidence to the government, which would get most of the Toppats arrested. Or, he would even be the new leader of the Toppat Clan! Since he was born from the Toppat members.

Let's fast forward by about 4 months. It was now the dead of Janurary of 2020. Henry was captured again and imprisoned in The Wall complex. However, he managed to flee right away. Either by himself, or his fellow prisoner, Ellie Rose. Or anything else. If Henry escaped with Ellie, she would be his 2nd wife.

What if Henry was the Toppat leader, but abandoned Ellie? 3 days after Henry escaped the Wall, Ellie followed him, and scolded and blamed him for abandoning her at The Wall. This angered many Toppat members. They proceeded to overthrow Henry for his lack of honor. Henry later made out alive, and escaped with his loyalists, Dave Panpa, Thomas Chestershire, and Geoffrey Plumb. But that was just the beginning of Toppat Civil Warfare, as the clan was split into 2 and about to fight each other.

Anyways, let's forget about the paragraph above and focus on Henry's next task. About 3 weeks had passed since he escaped The Wall. Henry was tasked with his new mission: to defeat or help (depends...) the Toppat Clan, who plan to take themselves and their gems on a space station by rocket, and never be found, free to invade any place on Earth with ease without worry of governments trying to bring them down. The results may vary, but it is only the start of the new chapter of Henry's story.


Possible Deaths

After Henry used the laser plane to cut a hole on the floor of his cell of The Complex (of The Wall), he used the guard's phone he picked up to call the Toppats. The clan arrived at The Complex, and shot a drill pod with 3 thugs and a scooter inside the Cafeteria, giving Henry the chance to escape. However, when Reginald Copperbottom, the former leader, caught him after the latter jumped from the broken window of the Cafeteria, he betrayed Henry and dropped him over the ocean. Henry fell 109 meters and crashed into the freezing, 35°F water, dying in the process. His body drifted along the waves for about 10 hours. It was later found and pulled out of the water by Dr. Vinschpinsilstien, who was on her boat. Despite being dead, Henry maintained his heart rate at 60 bpm (with his heart still beating and keeping his organs fresh and working so he can be revived), but his body temperature was 88℉ when the doctor found him (due to how cold the ocean is), lower than the reccomended body temperature of 98.6℉.

After Dr. Vinschpinsilstien resurrected and turned him into a cyborg, Henry takes off to fight against Reginald as a revenge for killing him. After stapling him to the wall, Henry got shot by Reginald by his spine, incapitating him. After the airship crashed onto the rocket at the launch site and Reginald succumed to his wound, Henry initially survived the collision, but the damage to his life-sustaining cybernetics render him dying. He crawed out of the wreckage, and end up resting alongside a boulder. Henry was later found by Charles while the military surveys the wreckage, but not before he died peacefully sitting on the hillside. His dead body, along with Reginald's body, along with the destruction of most of the Toppat Clan and the arrests of some of the surviving Toppats, was much-publicized as news reporters also came to the scene. Due to it having its broken augmentations, Henry's body was later carried to the military base, possibly for the soldiers to use it to develop a secret weapon. What happened afterwards was unknown, as the military decided to keep it a secret. Dr. Vinschpinsilstien was also informed about the incident and the government recovering and possibly using Henry's body, but, like I said, was told to not tell the exact details to the public.


  • Coincidentally, Henry's birthday is the 28th day of October, and he was 28 at the time of Fleeing The Complex and Completing the Mission, which took place after his 28th birthday.
  • The time gap between Henry (as Adam) running away from the Toppat Clan in 2009 and infiltraiting the Toppat Airship in 2019 is exactly 10 years.
  • Despite possibly being pardoned by the US government, Henry is still a notorious criminal to The Wall due to his escape from The Complex and possible murder of its warden.
  • Including all the fails, Henry died around 150 times.
    • However, he can be revived by your help of resetting the timeline to the previous piont.
  • He might have kleptomania, as he has stolen multiple times and almost always goes back to thievery even after he is pardoned.
  • Since Henry is selectively mute since 2009 (since his mother, Harriet Suave, was also mute and communicated with sign language), he usually communicated by sign language, gesture, screaming, texting, and writing.
    • Prior to fleeing the Toppat Clan that year, Henry (who was Adam at the time) was much more talkative.
    • He is not fully mute, though, as Henry can (rarely) be heard speaking.
  • Henry has multiple outfits, but I prefer using RogueTheGreat's design of Henry's clothes.
    • Originally, (according to Rogue,) Henry was to have brown eyes and wear a light blue jacket with black turtleneck T-shirt, blue jeans, and brown boots.
    • However, his clothing was simplified, with Henry lacking a jacket and having gray eyes and wearing gray slacks and brown tennis shoes instead. His shirt was unchanged, though.