I.M. Meen
Full Name
Background Information
Likes Yu-Gi-Oh
Dislikes Children
Nationality Mean
Alignment Evil
Source I. M. Meen (game)
Sexual Orientation Straight
Religion Meenish
Physical Description
Species Elf
Gender Male
Age 375
Hair Color Silver and White
Fur Color
Feather Color
Eye Color
Breast Size
Power Level
Friends Ganon
Enemies King Harkinian
Date Joined

I.M. Meen in a poster from 1995

I.M. Meen, born October 28, 1641 age 377, is an evil magician who traps children and puts them into The Pit. He is an infamous Satanism activist who likes practising black magic and playing card games. (His personal favorites are Blackjack and Texas Hold-Em.)


I.M. Meen was born in 1641, Meen played card games and became a fan of Yugioh. However, his friends told him that was for fools and Meen got a depression that lasted for weeks. Then, Meen told them he will create his own strategy game but his friends just laughed at him. After this he ran away crying and swearing he would do so someday.

As an adult, Meen became the dictator of Koridai after they revolted against King Harkinian. Meen lead Koridai during a era of massive growth and was loved by his people but it wasn't enough. Meen remembered when he sworn to make his game and soon he created Pokemon Cards. They were an instant success and they made him and Koridai extremely wealthy.

However everything came crashing down in 1978 when a bunch of kids called him names. This made Meen go crazy and he ended up killing the kids. Because of this, Meen was exiled from Koridai. Meen then built the Labyrinth and didn't care about anyone's opinion.


I.M. Meen is frequently seen wearing a blue coat, but with the help of a chroma keyer, he can also wear other colors such as red. He wears olive trousers and brown loafers which double as dancing shoes. His unkempt gray hair reminds one of Albert Einstein (on whom he has a major crush), although his facial features are more akin to Jay Leno, and his very flexible body is similar to Kermit the Frog.


  • "Oh look! What clever children! See them study, watch them learn! How I hate those goody goodies! How they make my stomach turn!"
  • "Back to your cell, bookworm! Don't worry, I'm sure you'll escape again... IN A HUNDRED YEARS!"
  • "Retreat to your cubical of imprisonment, bibliophile! Fear not, surely you will regain freedom in only but a century!"
  • "I hate Veggietales!"
  • "I am not gay! I am I.M. Meen the most powerful magnician in the world and you're the little gay!"
  • "I have a rhym for you: I knew a little Link who tried to get away until the friendly I.M. Meen convinced him to become gay! Hahahaha."
  • And your just a little smarty.
  • "Okay you win, I quit I am gay! Happy now?"
  • "I want to go to Mushroom Kingdom."
  • "Oh look what clever YouTube Poopies, see YouTube Poopies? Watch 'em learn oh how I hate thoes YouTube Poopies!"
  • "Wrecky child! You ruined my beautiful penis, now you're gay!"
  • "Oh look! What fucking children!"
  • "I hate mister Roboto, that little piece of shit!"
  • "I got a little boyfriend he really makes me cry. When he opens up my butt, my penis really hurts."
  • "The magic libery of I.M. Meen! Hahahahahaha!"
  • "Well, what do you think I did to all those children?!"
  • "How I hate sharks"


  • His cousins are U.R. Ruud and I.P. Freely
  • He drops by Squidward's house and made him cry
  • He once was in the light squad, but was turned satanic by Shadow and the Dark Squad.


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