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"Do you know what Ice King means?"
– Ice King stating his shitty authority

King of Ice!

The Ice King was the crazy old pervert ruling the Ice Kingdom of Ooo. He hopes to kidnap and marry a young ang hot princess (hopefully one that's 12 or under).

Character Info

"Good, my princesses."

The Ice King is the ruler of Iceland, known to many as "Ice King's Folly" or "Ice King's Icebox" because he's the only person populating it. Like many other villains, the Ice King receives great pleasure out of kidnapping people and shooting stuff out of his fingers at humanoid sheep. On the day of the villain massacre brought upon by Finn, he kept himself alive by hiding in Iceland, as no one ever goes there. Because of his awareness of Finn's relentless attempts to defeat him for the lump of it, the Ice King has developed methods of defense as a means to stay alive for at most eighty episodes. He and Finn became sworn enemies from then on.


  • Prepubescent girls
  • Pricesses
  • Ice


  • Finn
  • Jake
  • The Lich
  • Kopaka


  • He is very similar to Christian Weston Chandler.
  • He has a pet penguin named Gunter.