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Queen of Ice!

The Ice Queen (AKA DA ICE FUCKER) is the genderbend of the Ice King, She was the crazy old pervert rulingthe alternate Ice Kingdom of Ooo. She hopes to kidnap and marry a young and hot prince (prefferably one that's 12 or under).

Character Info

Unlike the Ice King, the Ice Queen was born in a Fairy Tale created and written by the Ice King.

The Ice Queen is the ruler of Iceland, known to many as "Ice Queen's Folly" or "Ice Queen's Icebox" because she's the only person populating it. Like many other villains, the Ice Queen receives great pleasure out of kidnapping people and shooting stuff out of her fingers at humanoid sheep. On the day of the villain massacre brought upon by Fionna, she kept herself alive by hiding in Iceland, as no one ever goes there. Because of hers awareness of Fionna's relentless attempts to defeat her for the lump of it, the Ice Queen has developed methods of defense as a means to stay alive for at most eighty episodes. She and Fionna became sworn enemies from then on.

Later, a young suitor who called himself Dedede appeared in Iceland and tried to get the Ice Queen to marry him.  But the Ice Queen, being a pedophile, declined saying Dedede was too old, when they were both about the same age.  Upon being rejected, Dedede used his Magic Hammer to hypnotize the Ice Queen to make her marry him.  King Dedede ruled in Iceland for many years until the Ice King found him in the Fairy Tale and thought that Dedede was messing up the story, so Dedede was forced back to Pop Star.


  • Prepubescent boys
  • Princes
  • Ice
  • Evil



  • She has a pet penguin named Gunter, who is identical to the Ice King's penguin.
  • She is very similar to Queen Chrysalis.
  • She is possibly a relative of Queen Elsa.