Youtube Poop Idiotic Beavers

Youtube Poop Idiotic Beavers

The video

Idiotic Beavers is a YouTube poop made by Slopples9000.



In the beginning, Norbert and Daggett from the series 'Angry Beavers' were about to watch the movie The amazing colossal Gay Luigi, Dag complains he's seen it to much, after this he proceeds vomit all over floor after his brother Norbert told him to "Fuck off". He then shits himself infront of a girl.

Main part

After a screwed up scene of a bike crash (with the brothers on it), Dag reveals he is a pro guitar player, capable of playing it while barely touching the cords, his music is loved by everyone except Norb.

While channnel surfing, Norb notices his brother playing death metal again on TV and quickly changes the channel before it loses signal.

Later they ride off a collapsed bridge and are left hanging off a gorge, Norbert slips and the only thing preventing him from falling is by holding onto a hair on Dags penis and slips again, however he lands on small ledge, still very high above the ground. Dag tells him to get down only for Norb to deny it, Dag then lets go of the bike and trys to attack his brother from above but falls.


After eating all night, the 2 brothers become extremely fat and after suddenly losing weight, Dag attempts to end the video but is squashed by a guitar, but succeeds.

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