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Ika Musume is your average invader from the sea, just to tell everyone not to fuck the ocean.

She is NOT an Inkling, so don't ask!


She was sent from the ocean by a cheapskate crab in order for the human world to get Krabby Patties. However, she just wanted to eat shrimp instead.

Mr. Krabs didn't like what she said and he beat her ass 9000 times with a bloody spatula, until she fucked him up with her tenticles which double as stingers

She was also a friend of Yoko Littner, until she found out that Ika married Squidward Tentacles, Yoko almost tried to eat her, but luckily, Ika can fucking fly.

She is now living in the Sunshine Realm, where she can have Gooper Blooper as her new husbend. Inkling Girl is also her new friend as well. (Is it that obivious? Check her gallery for fuck's sake!)

She is drinking buddies with Keroro, as they both have similar goals, both have to put up with abusive teenage girls, have befriended said girls' younger brothers, and both have their own obsessions.

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