I am the reader, Ipo!

Ipo was the Reader of Koridai. He (or she) told Link to bring the Book of Koridai to her so he/she can translate what the book says and it says that the book can defeat Ganon with a single hit and it worked.


Ipo was born in Koridai where he lived being abused from his partners for being a dick with his life of desolation. One day, Ipo managed to steal The Dinner Blaster from King Harkinian and use it to destroy his bullies. However in that moment Mayor Kravindish was walking around there and he arrested Ipo for abusing from the Dinner Blaster's power first breaking his left arm and kicking him in the balls. After many years in Hyrule State Prison, Ipo was liberated and he returned to Koridai where now he was the most dangerous from that island. He later got a job as the librarian of the island.

Evil Ipo

Ipo today returned to his evil ways. Ganon spilled Morshu's Lamp Oil on her, causing her to turn into the Princess of Darkness. She likes to write "Ganon-ized" versions of the Bible and swear a lot.


  • Ipo is bigender. You bigot!