YouTube Poop Wiki

Not to be confused with Pennywise.

Not much is known about "It" except that it's the very soul of YouTube Poop. ALMOST everyone gets It. Whenever you watch a YouTube Poop, you get it. If you don't get it, then you have the worst thing in the universe...not finding YouTube Poop funny.

If you don't get It, then you are someone who hates South Park, is part of Viacom Inc., is a Justin Bieber fan, and is probably a Brony and a Five Nights at Freddy's fan. If you don't get It and you think at least one of those details is false, your IQ is -1. People who don't get It are also banned in Koridai, Hyrule, Terraria, Austripoff, and the Mushroom Kingdom.

People who don't get it