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Jafar is the main antagonist in the Disney movie, Aladdin, and its sequel The Return of Jafar. He is a rapist.


He used to be the magician of King Harkinian, until one day Aladdin found the magic lamp that awoke the Genie.  The Genie was a long-time enemy of Weegee, and when Weegee found out that his enemy was up and about, he set out to possess the most powerful person who could destroy the Genie, which happened to be Jafar.  Weegee's twisted and dark nature caused Jafar to become a rapist, and he viciously attacked King Harkinian and Princess Zelda, using hypnosis to make them rape each other. 

Jafar secret cousin

After that, Jafar directly attacked Ganon and made him cry.  Upon leaving Hyrule, Jafar's position was taken by a pedophile named Gwonam.  Next, Jafar confronted Aladdin and the Genie to try and rape them both and become the greatest face in Koridai.  But then Weegee showed up and used the Weegee Virus to turn Jafar into a huge weegified monster named Jafeegee.  Despite his immense power, Jafeegee was defeated when Aladdin lured him with porn and the Genie whooped Jafeegee's ass until he died.  But then Jafeegee regenerated and somehow never lost his Weegee powers.  He then assembled a huge army to get Aladdin and the Genie by disguising himself as a kindly priest to become the next pope. 

Jafeege then became Pope Francis and baptized all his loyal followers in some weird black water that hypnotized those who were baptized.  This plan worked really well, especially when Aladdin was expelled from the Church and he tried to commit suicide, but then Jafeegee/Pope Francis's retarded pet parrot deleted his Facebook account, causing him to explode.  Then the damn bird told everyone what Jafeegee/Pope Francis had done, and eventually Weegee was caught as the prime culprit for the huge mess, and thus was banished to Hell. 

But then the Genie stole Aladdin's three wishes and made him cry.  The End.

Toad's Wintry Willies suggests that Jafar is the secret identity of Toad.


  • Ratigan

    RAPE FACE: Jafar Wins...

  • Raping People
  • Killing People
  • Himself
  • Being the most powerful in the world
  • Being Invincible
  • Weegee
  • Porn
  • Facebook





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