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James P. Sullivan is a blue haired monster and the main protagonist in the Pixar movie, Monsters Inc.. He appears to be bisexual due to his obsession with his partner Mike Wazowski and Stu Pickles. Sullivan is also a citizen from Gamelon.


Sullivan was born in the Godzilla Island but he was kicked from the place for trying to keep little kids inside his house. Then Sullivan began acting in a community theater and after he was hired by a local circus called "Freaks", one day there was a stroll with the owner of the circus who was seeing Sulley and decided to hire him and since then Sullivan started his career. Then a day, Walt Disney went to see the show, in which Sulley was showcased and Walt decided to hire him for the movie Monsters Inc. where he met many stars as Mike Wazowski, Simba, the man of the snow, Flik, etc.., signed a contract for 20 million of dollars with Pixar to act in the Movie Monsters Inc. He was about to resign because of a big lawsuit with the Mr. Waternoose (that ugly spider). Sulley was sued a few months later by drug trafficking, and a year later he started with a project called "Sulley around North Korea".


  • Mike Wazowski

    How could I do Stu?!!

  • Monsters like him
  • Insane Woody
  • Little kids
  • Money
  • EarthBound
  • Nintendo
  • Stu Pickles