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"Hump a pig"
– Jason Smith


Looking at Jason's logo from Amazon makes you want to cringe

Jason Smith
Full Name Jason Smith the Evil Satanic Version Of Petra Johanna Lagerkvist Mixed With Ratigan
Background Information
Nationality United States of America
Alignment Evil
Sexual Orientation Gay
Religion Feminism
Physical Description
Species Human(formerly)Demon(present)
Gender Male
Hair Color
Fur Color
Feather Color
Eye Color
Breast Size
Power Level
Date Joined

Jason Smith is a troll on Amazon. He is a SJW who loves Call of Duty. He helped Hitler rule the world.


He began reviewing stuff in 2011, where he was giving good ratings to stuff he liked. He stopped reviewing stuff at March 2012, where he actually had a secret plan to have Hitler rule the world and starts trying to change the views of people. Jason began to say that all Jews are evil and started a war against opinions, turning Amazon into a bar fight. He became president of the United States in 2044 and created the 666th amendment, which forced people to share his opinions.


He became a dictator in Murica in 2044 and stole The King's dinner blaster so he could make the population of every Jewish neighborhood fat. Meanwhile, Hitler became vice president and started to arrest anyone who violated the 666th amendment. The two also assassinated Donald Trump so that they don't get deported.

Attack on Japan

Jason attacked Japan to destroy their culture and economy, due to the fact that they were dissing gays. He helped Hitler take over Japan and started to destroy the raccoon robots that protected Japan. Hitler also set off a nuke in Tokyo and destroyed Russia. Shinzo Abe ordered many troops to stop this evil plan and end Jason's tyranny once and for all. Abe said "If he wants to play Call Of Duty on us, we're gonna play Call Of Duty on him". Abe created robotic Japanese beetles called Beetle A GO GO! to fight and destroy any of Jason's military weapons.


  • Trolling
  • Xbox, Call of Duty, and having fapping times when he sees Captain Price from call of duty.
  • Microsoft
  • Adolf Hitler
  • Making Amazon look like a bar fight
  • PC Master Race
  • Deleting comments by people who have opposing opinions at his reviews


  • Games that are not on Xbox or multi-platform or PC.
  • Games with girls that are beautiful (he is a SJW).
  • Sony and Nintendo
  • People that sue Microsoft
  • Playstation
  • People that try to help him understand the gaming world
  • Cartoon games (he has that "all cartoons are for kids" syndrome)
  • Grand Theft Auto (he wants to ban it)
  • Capcom
  • Konami
  • Games with Cel-shaded graphics(He only wants games with Realistic Graphics)


  • He Always faps to Captain John Price and his favorite Poem is "Captain Price is love, Captain Price is life".
  • He is an evil version of this hero
  • The UNSC Put a large bounty on his head. It is so large that if anyone got it, it would result in hyperinflation.

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