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The infamous Jeff the Killer image, often used as screamer

Jeff the Killer is a murderer who became famous in the world thanks to the Internet when Jeff uploaded a picture of him on his Facebook profile, scaring three quarters of the network in the process. This image icon for memes turned and has influenced the minds of fanboys and fan girls who worship him like Kira.


Jeff was a very funny guy among colleagues, but he wasn't very popular. So one day, he decided to whiten his face with gasoline and itching powder. Although his face became whiter than Michael Jackson's skin, itching powder produced a side effect that burned his eyelids (although it is believed that this was actually because he saw too much porn). To be even more handsome, he cut his lips and a smile.

However, when he tried to flirt, no chick wanted to hang out with something so horrifying as him and he devoted himself to murder. It is also rumored that human blood was his new resource fuel in 4-chan.

One nice winter night, Jeff was under the camel neighborhood. Seeing that criminal wearing gypsy, he decided to try some LSD and the next day woke up with a cut nose and piles in the butt. This pissed him off but when he also tried drugs and vodka in his bed, relaxed and evening continued killing more people. Since that day, Jeff is a junkie is looking and thus captures the cops, street gangs as going to steal drugs.

Theories of his origin

Bullying Jeff was bullied by everyone and as a result of that he burned his face with acid, which would avenge the style of Know What You Did Last Summer.

Drugs A joint Mushroom that makes him kill. When consuming it, all he sees is smoke. In order to not be recognized, he burned his eyelids and chapped his lips.

Batman Jeff saw the sequel to Batman and instantly became a fan of The Joker. When he arrived home, he cut his lips and put makeup on his face; He also went to see the third movie, but he got mad because they left out the Joker, which resulted in him killing everyone in the theater.


  • There are three successful clones of him.