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Jelly at the age of two

Jelly is a stupid jellyfish who changes clothes. She broke into a library with Jackson (Jelly's gay brother) to make a story in a computer-like machine called the Story Maker. Later, Jelly raped Kate Humble (mayor of Springwatch) in 2007 on New Year's Day with Jackson.

They star in the Weakest Link. She loves Roland Rat, Otis the Aardvark and Roly Mo (from Fimbles). They got voted off so Jelly starred in the Green Balloon club where she goes to bed. She has a plush toy (that she got when she was born) of a penguin-like pelican, but it's probably a puffin instead. Jelly also addicted to crack. She was born on February 11, 2000.  She likes mocking people by making fun of people's names in very clever ways. She doesn't care about the problems of other people and she is speculated to be a member of The Koopalings.