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Full Name
Background Information
Status Active
Nationality United States
Occupation YouTube Pooper
Sexual Orientation Bisexual
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair Color
Fur Color
Feather Color
Eye Color
Breast Size
Power Level
YouTube Channel
Date Joined 24 oct, 2014
Content YouTube Poop
Sonic, Michael Rosen, Hotel Mario, My Little Pony, Zelda, etc.
Subscribers 63,700+
Views 17,574,453+

Jimmy Davis is a much less known pooper. He is well known for doing YouTube Poops on VeggieTales. He is most famous for his CD-i YouTube Poop and his Larry-Boy and the Fib From Outer Space YouTube Poop. He doesn't use ear rape in his YouTube Poops. Jimmy Davis is one of the best YTP editors out there, although his earlier works could use improvements. He has made some of the best YTPs on YouTube.

YTP List (No links provided)

List of YTPs

  1. YTP Juniors Terrifying Home Invasion Experience (FruityStories Collab Entry)
  2. YTP Kids React to Stupid Crap
  3. YTP Judy & Schmidt
  4. YTP Silly Songs with Darius
  5. YTP Why Does Larry Have a Shoe on His Head (50 Subscribers Special)
  6. Original YTPMV - That's Why I'm a Bandit
  7. YTP A Story about Grapes and Junk
  8. YTP Carnage the Dastardly Dog (90s Collab Entry)
  9. YTP Madame Dude Berry & The Rareware Crackers (100 Subscribers Special)
  10. YTP Good Mystical Morning (Newcomer Collab Entry)
  11. YTP This Poop's True Title is Too Long for YouTube (200 Subscribers Special)
  12. YTP Larry Man and the Friggin' Outer Space
  13. Micro YTP Death by Chocolate Cake (5 Second Michael Rosen Collab Entry)
  14. YTP Mikes Boring Brother and Other Outtakes (Collab Entry)
  15. YTP Veggie Fails (Entry for the aXis YTP Collab)
  16. YTP Movie Night with the Princess (1k Subscriber Special)
  17. YTP Hank's Got a Lot of Beers *
  18. Micro YTP Mike is a Sadist (Vine Collab Entry)
  19. Mini YTP Luigi's Horrible Story (50 Minute Collab Entry)
  20. YTPMV One Year of Sources
  21. The Fruity Stories YTP Collab II
  22. YTP Weegee Tales (Fruity Storys Collab II Entry)
  23. YTP You Should Never Let Archibald Direct a Silly Song (Collab Entry)
  24. YTP Zelda CD-I: Revisited (2k Subscribers Special)
  25. Micro YTP How Fox Reacts to Finding KotH YTPs
  26. YTP Christmas Eve in Hyrule
  27. YTP I.M Meen's Deteriorating Mental Stability (3k Subscriber Special)
  28. Mini YTPMV Full House Theme (Zelda CDI version)
  29. Mini YTP The Fine Brothers Trademark Reaction Videos
  30. Micro YTP A Crucial PSA (Collab Entry)
  31. Mini YTP - Shia's Poop Advice
  32. My Unfinished & Unreleased YTPs
  33. YTP - Sherlock Holmes is Barely in This Poop (Collab Entry)
  34. YTP - Just another Day at Foster's (Collab Entry)
  35. The YouTube Pooper Collab
  36. Micro YTP - Hoffy Da 'Splode-Man (Collab Entry)
  37. Mini YTP - MoBros' Tutorial Tutorial (Collab Entry)
  38. YTP - Emporium A's Some Q's (Collab Entry)
  39. Mini YTP - DaThings1st Channel Trailer (Collab Entry)
  40. Micro YTP - MGM Lion Bloopers (Collab Entry)
  41. YTPMV PREVIEW - Larry the Scatman
  42. Mini YTP - My Non-Entry to the Michael Rosen 70th Birthday Collab
  43. Mini YTP - Muppets are Bad Role Models (Collab Entry)
  44. Micro YTP - The Poop of My Dreams
  45. Mini YTP - Schoolhours Suck! (Collab Entry)
  46. YTP - Weird Albuquerque
  47. YTP - Soflo the Worst (Collab Entry)
  48. YTP - PBG's Ping Pong Poop (Tennis Round 2)
  49. Micro YTP - SproingBop Confronts the Strangler
  50. YTP COLLAB - The Single Source YTP Collab
  51. Mini YTP - Rhenk & Litt Can't Justify Calling The Cops (Collab Entry)
  52. YTP - SpacedHipster Creeps Out Mario
  53. Animation - Pumkin's Halloween Message
  54. YTP - The Mythbusters Discover the Penny (Collab Entry)
  55. YTP - Abbott and Costello's $28 Christmas Special
  56. YTP - Chadtronic Upset Over Parents (Collab Entry)
  57. Michael's Secret to Success
  58. YTP PREVIEW - The King's Nostalgia Trip (Collab Entry)
  59. Mini YTP - Link: The Faces of Evil (Alternate Opening)
  60. YTP - Hank's Got a Lot of Beers
  61. YTP - Link Pirates a Movie
  62. Deleted Clips, Canceled Projects and Early Edits
  63. Gotta Go a Little... Mmmmm-Faster!
  64. YTP - The Decayer App
  65. Animation - "When I Was 71..."
  66. YTP - LarryMan Twice (10k Subscriber Special)
  67. YTPMV - Bustin' Out The Michael Rosen Rap
  68. YTP - SpingeBill Becomes a Shameless Sellout
  69. The Stars of YTP Sing the National Anthem
  70. Mini YTP - Dear Pesky Plumbers...
  71. VeggieRoll
  72. YTP - MyCarly
  73. literally anything.
  74. YTP - You're Not Welcome Here (Collab Entry)
  75. YTP - PBG Wanders Gamelon (Tennis Round 4)
  76. Patreon Sentence Mix Requests (Vol. 1)
  77. Spyro Dragon Egg
  78. YTP - Did Caddicarus Know the Gaming Features of Spyro? (Collab Entry
  79. YTF - The Keel Over and Die House
  80. Early Edits & Scrapped YTP Material from 2017
  81. Steamed Hams But It's Edited Like a Classic YTP (Pre-SpaDinner)
  82. Patreon Sentence-Mix Requests (Vol. 2)
  83. YTP - Luigi's Hotel of Lotsa Spaghetti
  85. The YTF Collab
  86. YTF - Beasty and the Beaut (Collab Entry)
  88. YTP - Luke, It Is
  89. Super Smash Mouth - All Star Mode
  90. Sentence-Mixing's Dead

List of YTP collabs

  1. The Overlooked YTPer Collab
*- The original video was taken down due to copyright issues. A re-uploaded version can be found under the channel ShazapzTV.