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Jimmy Neutron (also known as Jimbles Notronbo) is a character from the main character and protagonist of the Nickelodeon series, "The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron". His bests friends are Sheen Estevez and Carl Wheezer. He also hates Nicktron.


Jimmy Neutron pretends to be 11 years old but he is really Over 9000 years old. He goes by the name Jimmy Neutron. He uses his inventions for bad deeds and evil only. Many believe he is a pedophile like Sonic.

Timmy Turner once switched worlds with him so Timmy could steal one of his dangerous inventions to cheat on a science project. Timmy and Jimmy later teamed up to save both of their worlds from their enemies. Jimmy plans on taking over the universe with his dangerous weapons he invents by brain washing everyone.