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Justin Beiber
Full Name
Background Information
Status Alive (unfortunately)
Likes Beer
Nationality Koridan
Sexual Orientation Transgender
Religion Christan
Physical Description
Species Demonspawn
Gender Female to Male
Age 27
Hair Color Gold
Fur Color
Feather Color
Eye Color Laser beam
Breast Size Small
Power Level
Friends Beliebers
Enemies Everyone else
Date Joined

Justin Drew Bieber (born March 1, 1994) is a transgender pop "artist" of a passed and dreaded era of bad music. He became a cultural icon after releasing a mediocre music video despite only one age group (12-12 and a half) liking him. This shitstain on the music industry is no longer loved by anyone and can only do insane things to get attention back, such as getting arrested and someday speed racing down highways so he can crash through the windshield and be run over like the worthless flesh of roadkill he is.

At least he's not as bad as Jacob Sartorius...


Bieber during the transformation process.

Justin Bieber has the ability to transform into a female, and a lesbian one at that. The changes are unpredictable and can happen in the middle of his performances to prepubescent girls who only pretend to like him. It is also hard to tell when this happens due to him always looking like a freak either way. Some say that he was a female to begin with.


As of February 22, 2014, The music video of "Baby" has over a billion views on YouTube. Despite this, the video has nearly more than twice as many dislikes as it has likes. In YouTube Poop, it is the most commonly used out of all of Bieber's videos.


Justin Bieber Vomits Vomiting At Believe Tour Full Song Glendale Arizona LIVE

Bieber during a typical lip syncing performance.

Behavior and Trouble

Due to his arrogance is stretching beyond human limits, Bieber is

Bieber about to pass the point of no return.

"caught" doing a bunch of stupid things every washep up A-list ends up doing for attention. He was known for blocking traffic in the middle of a highway to argue with (and later kill) some dumbass paparazzi, offending the entire country of England and the Phillipines by just existing, being banned from England and the Philippines, being the 400th celebrity to smoke weed, wiping out an entire 3rd world country by civil war, and rape charges he somehow got away with.

VS. Slipknot

Bieber on his night job as a stripper.

His song Baby regained attention when Isosine created a mashup of Psychosocial, a song helps emos think they're crazy bad because they don't have friends with the song by Justin Bieber, resulting the song entitled Psychosocial Baby.


Weegee and 20th Century FOX asked Morshu if they can use his store as a pizzeria. He told them he could if he were MMMMM richer. So Weegee and FOX went to Justin Bieber's home, told him he doesn't deserve his wealth, killed him, and took all of his money and used it to pay Morshu.

Justin Bieber frequently gets raped by Shrek.


  • Justin Bieber's favorite number is 69 (nice).
  • Justin Bieber's cock is called jerry, as he revealed at one conference. (No, really!)
  • Justin Bieber has a masturbation addiction.
  • Justin Bieber's cock is about 10 cm.