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Cities crumble before that bald head.

Kane is from the command and conquer video games and a recent addition to the world of YouTube Poop. Kane commands the devotion of the Brotherhood of Nod. Through the power of CAKE. Kane is known for his renown Bald Of Awesome . This is apart of the reason why he is such a formitable foe when it comes to a tussle with the enemies of CAKE. 

Peace Through Cake

Kane is an ageless being who had descended to earth out of his benevolence and desire to bless the worlds with the power of cakes and other forms of baked goods. Being an alien he did not know that the most of the world already had baked goods. Kane having run out of fuel for his plane decided to being a cult with venerated cake. He was quite successful and begain to bring about world peace though cake. Sadly the Cake was a lie and Kane began a new life serving his former arch enemy GDI. This transfer to GDI cost him the Brotherhood of Nod. Which he destroyed with the power of Shoop da Whoop.