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– Keemstar


Keemstar (Daniel Keem) is a Youtuber that is racist. He is frequently associated with cancer on YouTube and hates black people; he might be the original Jake/Logan Paul. He is crazy, rude, psychopathic, and manipulative, and is the definition of cunteater. He hates Bashurverse and tried to push him to suicide, and succeeded. He had four channels, but two got shut down. But he admit that he was gay.

He lives in Dramaalert Nation.


  • Spamming drama people
  • Causing butthurt
  • Trolling
  • Sueing people who dislike him
  • Lord Farquaad
  • Shrek
  • Breaking YouTube's rules
  • Gnome missiles
  • Donald Trump
  • Getting ROIIIIIIIIIIIGHT into the news!


KKKemstar at his local klan meeting

  • African Americans
  • Alex
  • Anyone who hates him
  • Viacom (they ripped off his YouTube channel)
  • Bashurverse
  • Scarce
  • His fans
  • Gay people


  • He hates Alex.
  • A petition was used to ban this guy!
  • One of Keemstar's best friends is Lord Farquaad.
  • He has a powerful nuclear bomb known as the Gnome Missile, which is 69 times more powerful than the Tsar Bomba. It would take "only" 160 Gnome Missiles to destroy Earth.
    • He is currently in possession of 32 Gnome Missiles.
  • He has a Subscriber Clock.
  • He voted Donald Trump.
  • He is the opposite of an SJW, then again that's not saying much.
  • He is of Italian Descent.
  • Keemstar make an apperance in Hunt Down The Freeman as a president.