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Kevin: DORKS!

(Lived: Birth Date Unknown - Death date Unknown)


Kevin was a bully and a character in Ed, Edd n Eddy TV Show, Kevin was the bully in Peach Creek who liked destroying the lives of the kids in the neighborhood. However, he was traumatized by Ed and Skodwarde. His most recognized quote is "DORKS!", despite being one himself.


Kevin was created in the secret laboratories of the Area 51 during the World War I. The scientists predicted that Kevin was going to be an asshole who would abuse from children in his neighborhood. One day, Kevin escaped from his cage when an idiotic guard left the door open, resulting in Kevin escaping from the Area 51, not without killing everybody in the Laboratory who created him.

Tyranny in Peach Creek

Until his death, Kevin had one mission in his mind, destroy the life of his enemies. Then, after completing his stay in the Area 51, Kevin moved to Peach Creek to destroy the lives of the children in the neighborhood. During a time, Kevin began a year of drugs and cruelty in Peach Creek, turning the kids into killers and slaves and if they refused, he would tell them they were DORKS!.


Kevin's last moment when he was getting the knife to cut his throat.

A dark day, Kevin was enjoying his victory, but then he appeared from the hills, there was a guy called Ed, who swore he would stop the tyranny of Kevin. Kevin was thought he would win, but he made a mistake. Kevin was defeated by Ed and everybody in Peach Creek returned to the normality. However, Kevin was traumatized for the rest of his life.


Kevin met Skodwarde.png

A year later after his defeat, Kevin was turned into a weak and poor stupid dork. Kevin had to found a work to keep stand to his enemies but that didn't work, because Kevin was fired in any job he got.

That's when one day, Kevin was traumatized when he saw Skodwarde in his window. Then, Kevin committed suicide in his house after cutting his throat and dying in the process.

Resurrect and final death

His soul was combinated with Ganondork's soul and now Kevin is Kevindork thanks to Olunda and his evil plan to resurrect Ganondork and this time Kevindork created a virus called "Clotin" in order to get revenge against The King and his friends for what he did to the Ganondork Squad. Unfortuantely, Kevindork was killed and Kevin died once for all.