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Kevindork (or Kevindorf) is the main villain in "A Night on Edd Mountain" created by Awfulfawfulthefalaf. Kevindork is the combination of Kevin and Ganondork making them one, not much is known about this character because hasn't appeared in others YTPs.

Kevindork was murdered in cold blood by Rolf.



Kevindork after reading this article.

During the events in Kevin and Ganondork's Life, Kevin committed suicide when he saw Skodwarde in his window and Ganondork committed suicde when his plan of conquer Hyrule was frustrated by Rolf. Then, thanks to Satan Kevin and Ganondork shocked while they entered into the Hell portal and combinating the souls of Kevin and Ganondork making them one warrior called Kevindork.


in the YTP, Kevindork disguises like Kevin and attempts to kill stealthily Eddy but Eddy cut his head and Kevindork appears trying to kill Ed Edd and Eddy, but Eddy armed with the Master Sword and the Hyrule Shield confronts Kevindork, with an attack Eddy got mistake Kevindorf for a short period but Kevindorf remove his confusion and proceeded to throw a dark wave to Eddy, pulling Eddy into a dark dimension and killing him. Then appears on the screen the title "The Return of Kevin" with Kevindork looking at you.


Kevindork creates a new plan to get revenge against the kids of Peach Creek, using the darker elements in YTP World, Kevindork created a mortal virus that destroys the organs of the body of the people who smell it. Kevindork with the help of Satan planned to spread this virus to everyone and be the only one immune to this mortal virus.


He was murdered by Morshu during his plan, Morshu told him he was already dead making Kevindork's body explode in blood, ending Kevin, Ganondork and his squad for good.


  • Conquering Hyrule

    (Fawful re-up) YTP A Night on Edd Mountain (Old Poop)

  • Conquering the world
  • Getting the Triforce
  • Annoying little kids
  • Destroying his enemies
  • Nazz


  • Ed, Edd and Eddy
  • Rolf
  • Be defeated in a battle
  • Skodwarde
  • Morshu
  • Getting fucked up by his enemies
  • Antone D'kolddeath