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"You can have, MY BIG GAY DANCE!"
King Dedede to Mario

SSBU Dedede Artwork.png

Triple D in his appearance in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

King Dedede
Full Name
Background Information
Occupation King of Planet Popstar
Alignment Neutral Evil
Sexual Orientation
Physical Description
Species Penguin
Gender Male
Age Old
Hair Color Blue feathers
Fur Color
Feather Color
Eye Color Purple
Breast Size
Power Level
Date Joined

King Dedede before Kirby came to Dream Land

King Dedede, or just Dedede, is a notorious conman, the King of Planet Pop Star, and the brief leader of Koridai.


Dream Land

King Dedede was from a land named Dream Land where he lived happily but then one day an alien named Kirby came along and ruined everything for him. Kirby would torment King Dedede, constantly destroying his precious monsters he would buy off of eBay, eating his food, and sodomizing his cats Shane Dawson-style. However, no one else believed Kirby was a jerk because of his cute appearance. Because of this, everyone loved Kirby and King Dedede was forgotten. Over time, Dedede got jealous, causing him to eat obsessively and becoming a fatass. He then became evil just to get everyone to like him again, which just made the people hate him moar. Eventually, Dedede gave up trying to be better than Kirby, and left Dream Land. While on his travels, he came across New Bikini Bottom and befriended many of the residents there such as Patjerk Star (ironically since Patjerk is pink and a jerk, like Kirby).


For two years, King Dedede lived with the New Bikini Bottomites before moving to Koridai after hearing about the election which gave him a clever idea. King Dedede ran in the Koridan election stating that he will become a dictator if he won. While not being taken seriously, he then promised to legalize uncensored hentai which boosted his support and resulted in him winning in a landslide. However, King Dedede never actually intended to run Koridai, and as soon as he was in power, he took all of the money in the treasury and ran away with it; causing Koridai to go into a depression.

King of Planet Popstar

After becoming a billionaire from stealing all of Koridai's money, King Dedede used some of it to buy Planet Popstar. However, when he did, evil psychos invaded it and used magic to posses Dedede, forcing him to invade Dream Land and fight Kirby. King Dedede lost, making him look like a wuss.

Today, King Dedede lives in his castle, eating like a pig and constantly plotting revenge against Kirby for humiliating him.

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