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Kipper is a dog believed to be a spaniel with 2 friends who are pigs, Pig and his son Arnold, a terrier called Tiger and another dog called Jake. The animation in Kipper is very bland and basic as the inside of characters houses is a white background with a table and chairs(usually). MrCrazyToad[1] has made more poops of this source than any other pooper. It came out B.P 0000.


Kipper first became a source in 2009 when DodongosYTP created a poop called "Kipper Goes KAROOSH!"[2]. Since then a 15 second poop was uploaded on 14 November 2011 called "Kipper Kills Tiger"[3] by BRRGames, then in December 2011/January 2012 3 poops was put up by Tomservo3Alt[4] [5] [6].

Since then XL5FAN[7], cdgngj11[8], linda flannery[9], Ozley[10] and John Rodgers[11] have all pooped this.

MrCrazyToad has used it more than any other pooper and in 2015 SquidwoodTentacles has decided to run a collab[12] with ladylee1979 and himself already entered.

Notable Poopers

  • MrCrazyToad
  • Tomservo3Alt
  • DodongosYTP
  • SeeLavaRun
  • cartoonlover98
  • ladylee1979
  • John Rodgers
  • RandomMcSomethin
  • BRRGames