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Kokona Haruka or also known as Kokona Fried Chicken or Coconut or Big Boobs, is a test dummy rival in Yandere Simulator, she have a crush on Senpai and been triggered many times on Yandere-chan. In 2016, she was hopely wants to become an official rival and become Drama Club president. Sadly in September, she was replaced by Kizana to became an official rival. Nowadays, she wants to revenge on people did to her.


According to her info, when Kokona was younger, she was a normal cute baby with the potential to become anything she wanted to, just like any other.

It is assumed in a conversation between her and Saki Miyu on the rooftop that she has been abused by her drunk father after her mother's death. This is actually incorrect. When spoken to more, Kokona will talk about how her father comes to her to cry about his debt problems. Her family is very broke due to a loan he took out to pay for Kokona's school tuition, accidentally becoming in debt with a group of loan sharks, called Ronshaku Loans.

Kokona Haruka is also involved in compensated dating with a person who she has seen at least once in Shisuta Town. He might have offered her a large sum of money to meet him. If Kokona's dark secret is bought, Yandere-chan will receive video footage of Kokona selling used panties to a boy from another school that can be used as blackmail. Kokona does this to pay for her father's debts.




  • Yandere-chan
  • Kizana Sunobu (her replacement)
  • Midori Gurin
  • People calling her "Bitchy-chan"
  • Bijuu Mike (after asking her wrong number and been pranked)
  • You


  • For some people said Saki have a crush on her.