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Kowalski holding a clipboard with a sketch of something like Satan or Lord Tirek

Kowalski (born May 31, 2006 age 15 in Mr. Roger's Empire alias Antarctica) is a scientist and one of the four members of the S-Squad.


He is the one who plans the shit of the squad, which often ends either in pure destruction resulting of using miscellaneous weapons of mass destruction, or in a succesful black operation.

Apropos, he himself is the one who developes the squad's weapons, and other stuff (which would destroy the entire universe, therefore it will be never used).



  • His own inventions
  • Doris (a dolphin)
  • Babbling about his specialties (The reason why often nobody listen to him)
  • Fish


  • Rico(sometimes)
  • Skipper(sometimes)
  • To be responded of his failed and/or exploded inventions