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L Lawliet.jpg
Full Name L Lawliet
(エル・ローライト, Eru Rōraito)
Aliases Hideki Ryuga
Eraldo Coil
Jeff the Killer
Background Information
Status Deceased
Nationality British... I think
Occupation Detective
Alignment Justice
Appearances Death Note (manga/anime)
Sexual Orientation Gay
Physical Description
Species Human/Clone (formerly)
Ghost (currently/possibly)
Gender Male
Age 24-25 years old
Hair Color Black
Fur Color
Feather Color
Eye Color Black
Height 5' 10½" (179 cm)
Weight 110 lbs (50 kg)
Breast Size
Power Level
Friends Watari
Japanese Task Force (yes, even Matsuda)
Blight Yagay (yeah, he is, wink wink)
and Mello... I guess
Enemies Light Yagami/Kira
Jeff the Killer
Misa Amane
Date Joined

L Lawliet (Japanese: エル・ローライト, Hepburn: Eru Rōraito, Russian: Эл Элович Лолайт), or just L, was some randomass gay wierdo who liked eating sweets, touching girls' butts and making out with his former friend and partner Killa. Grown in a lab by Quillish Wammy (aka Watari), he was a clone of Jeff the Killer tasked with becoming the world's greatest detective, which he did... sort of.


Obsessed with the Internet's most famous killer, a British scientist calling himself Watari attempted to create a clone in order to stop him. The first clones, A and Beyond Birthday (BB), suffered from degeneration and were dismissed, but successful clones named L, Mello and Near with stable cellular structures were later created. L was Watari's first success, but the flawed cloning process left him… uhh… forget it. Let’s just move on to the next bit of information. Wammy would later release L to the world so he could become a detective.

The Kira case (or whatever)

He's known for working on the Kira case, with his fuck buddy Blight Yagay. He was so close on solving it, until...

Death (and legacy, I guess)

...he and Watari were killed by the God of the New World. As a result of this, Blight (who was devastated because of this) went insane and became a serial killer known as Killa, who was later defeated (along with Kira) by Near and Mello.

Likes and Dislikes


  • Watari
  • Sweets
  • Solving crimes
  • Touching girls' butts (and stealing their phones)
  • Blight Yagay
  • Japanese Task Force
  • Shinigami(s)
  • Being weird


  • Netflix Death Note (and the people who worked on it)
  • Criminals (getting killed)
  • Light Yagami
  • Misa Amane
  • Matsuda ('cause he's Matsuda)
  • Being yelled at while eating
  • Shinigami(s) (formerly)
  • Death Notes


  • Watari created him by combining Jeff's, English, Japanese, Russian and French/Italian DNA.
  • His name is comprised of only one letter (L).
  • Before he died, L stated that he would use the Death Note only on the people behind the Netflix Death Note movie, because they're worse than Kira.
    • This statement angered Light who later killed him.
      • Diabetes was written as the cause of death.
  • It is theorized that he was present as a ghost on Light's and Blight's death stairs (not bed, stairs).
  • And, you’re right (who ever you are who’s reading this)! Nothing came of stopping Jeff the Killer overall.

L's spirit (presumably).