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The Labyrinth is a place full of drugs, trolls, nazis, killers and rapists created and founded by I.M. Meen to torment people. People must walk around the Labyrinth, rescuing children and defeating monsters.


The Labyrinth was created in the year 1995. During the World War II, I.M. Meen suffered from many mental illnesses, there came to him the idea of ​​creating the Labyrinth, a disturbing and mysterious place where you can often watch porn all the time. However, I.M. Meen has failed to control much this area, getting a moment in which the monsters caught and raped him mercilessly. You have to face against Nazis armed with flamethrowers, and after you defeat them you can escape from the Labyrinth and beat I.M. Meen in the process.

These children

Scott and Kattie, two kids with Tourette's Syndrome come to this place mistaking it with McDonalds. I.M. Meen convinced them to pass through the Labyrinth, which was full of burgers waiting for them (This was obvious a cruel lie). Then Scott and Kattie entered in the Labyrinth.

After they were raped, beaten and chased by monsters inside the Labyrinth, Scott and Kattie achieved to escape of the place alive. Then Meen appeared and told them it was all a trap to annoy and make them shit in their pants. Scott and Kattie went crazy and beat Meen leaving him half dead.

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