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Lameton’s Chum is the oceans’ nastiest food, found in New Bikini Bottom. Lameton's chum is terrible, foul, poisonous, and sometimes radioactive.


Lameton’s Chum is made up with disgusting ingredients including year-old jellyfish squeezings, whale blubber, seahorse snout, anchor rust, cultural fungus growth medium, Subtropical vegetal matter, organic filler, and live bacterial culture. Sometimes, rotten flesh and Uranium-238 are also thrown in.


  • Chum is the oceans’ most infamous food in New Bikini Bottom
  • Chum is also used as bait to catch fish
  • Chum is also inedible
  • Chum also rots inside your body, which causes upset stomachs, heart attack, and nausea
  • Lameton's chum also can't meet any restaurants’ foods’ standards